Why Have A Cool Roof?

With today’s technology, living green does not have to put a drain on your wallet. In fact, by adding a green roof to your home, you actually save money and help the environment as well. Not only are these tires an eye sore, there are also many negative environmental and health implications for the communities in which these tires are dumped.

Why Does A Cool Roof Save Money?

1. Energy Savings: Because of the reflective roofing properties of cool roofs, heat is fended off from penetrating your home, which means less time running the air conditioner.
2. Roof Preservation: By fixing and preventing leaks and damage with rubber roof coating, you are saving yourself the time, money and agony of roof repairs and replacements. In addition, because a solid roof is key to home insulation, you will help ensure that your home is protected from the elements, saving you untold amounts of money in home improvement and repair.
3. Applications: Our elastomeric roof coating only has to be applied once a decade, as opposed to the common recommendations of once every two years for other products. This saves you time and money in both labor and materials.

What is Elastomeric Roof Coating?

Made from rubber (in our case, recycled tires), elastomeric coating is a sealant that is sprayed onto your roof or any other surface you want to weatherproof.
From metal to wood , there are several ways to use this product.

Why Is It Called a «Cool Roof»?

Elastomeric roof coating keeps the sun’s heat out, cooling your home. This coating also protects your roof from rain, hail, heat, and wind… and that is pretty cool!

Where Economy and Ecology Meet

Ecotires Coatings offers high quality coating that helps your bottom line as well as the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, elastomeric roof coatings can save homes and businesses up to 50 percent in energy cost when combined with proper insulation.
Ecotires was founded in Mexico with more than 15 years of research and testing; is now available in the United States, to offer its cutting edge green technology to residential and commercial rooftops.

Coating That Matters

Tire dumping has long been a problem in the United States, but now we have a solution.
Ecotires Coatings take scrap tires and turn them into roof coatings that reflect the sun.
With the turn of a roller, home and business owners can save on the expenses and energy of roof protection. Some of San Antonio´s most valuable and environmentally conscious homes also use our Ecotires for fence staining. Consider that 1,200 square feet of Ecotires coatings keep 15 tires out of dumping sites.

• Ecotires is the only elastomeric coating made from recycled tires
• It is the only product of its kind in North America.
• Ecotires received top honor for its environmental contributions, including recognition from important Businesses, which uses our products.

Why is Green?

Besides saving money on your energy bill, you are making a green difference with reflective roof coating by keeping used tires out of dumps.
Because you do not have to strip your rooftop to apply the rubber roof coating, you are keeping that waste out of the landfill. For communities who have to mitigate tire dumping, a cost that ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, our reflective roof coating offers a sensible solution. By using rubber roof coating, you are taking a step to be part of the answer.

The Processing

The chemical processing used in the manufacture of tires makes an already tough product even better. Those chemicals make tires more resistant to wear and tear. The chemicals also stop tires from melting from excessive heat, or cracking in extreme cold. In addition, this treatment slows the aging process of the rubber tires, making them last longer than they would untreated.

Tires are not particularly flammable in that they need to be heated to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (400 Celsius) for several minutes in order to ignite

Those are not easy to ignite.
You can’t just drop a match on a tire and expect it to combust. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult to light a tire on fire under normal circumstances and you really have to be trying in order to make one burn.

Are They Combustible?
Yes, tires are combustible but to get one to combust you will need to heat it to about 400 degrees Celsius (that’s 750 degrees Fahrenheit) and then keep it at that temperature for a few minutes in order to ignite.
That means you need to heat the tire for several minutes at a temperature of more than 4 times that of boiling water before you can burn it.
That’s not very combustible and it explains why, despite rumors to the contrary, you’re not going to find tires suddenly bursting into flame by themselves.

Rubber from tires is not porous so any water or foam will run off rather than be absorbed, reducing its efficiency in starving the fire of oxygen and the cooling effect.

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